Summer service hours are due by 11:59 p.m. on the last Friday of October.

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See our information about donating and earning service hours on our FAQ page.

When you are ready to submit hours for approval, please make sure that you have the needed information ready:

  • Dates of service
  • Name of an organizational contact (your parent or another student will NOT be acceptable)
  • Phone number for the organizational contact
  • Email address of this contact.

Please make sure that it matches the rules for creditable service hours as found on pages 22-23 of the Kiltie

It is suggested that students print off a copy of hours approved to keep for their own record.

Service opportunities through clubs/organizations in which the club/organization submits a list of students and what they donated/hours served do not get entered into the CSC database for students. It is the student's responsibility to submit all hours for approval.

PARENTS - It is your student's responsibility to log their hours. They have been given instruction as to the process. If further clarification is needed, please see the Kiltie for further explanation.​

Service Hours