If service hours are rejected, please do not email the sponsors until after you read the notes concerning why the hours have been rejected. If you are still confused, ask away!

Please remember that resubmissions must also be completed within 60 days of the service or you will lose the opportunity to resubmit those hours; therefore, check your service hour account regularly.

Most common problems with service hour entries can be corrected. The most frequent reasons are as follows:

Hours Rejected?

Reason for RejectionExplanation and Resolution
Ineligible Religious InstructionAccording to the Kiltie, “Students cannot receive service credit for teaching or leading any religious or faith discussion groups”. Only secular church activities are available for HPISD service credit. This also excludes certain parts of Vacation Bible School, or similar activities.
Invalid ContactService hour contact information must include the name, email and phone number for an official organizational representative of the service agency to which service was completed.  Students may NOT list other students or parents as contacts, even if a parent is an employee of the organization.
Exceeds Eight Hour per Day LimitAccording to the Kiltie, “a maximum of 8 hours of service work a day is allowed unless very specific documentation is provided to validate a greater number of service hours per day”.  In extreme cases, you may submit documentation from a qualifying service agency explaining why and how your service was utilized for more than 8 hours per day; however, ultimately the decision whether to grant an exception to this rule is the sponsors'.
Exceeds 60 Calendar DaysAccording to the Kiltie, “Service hours must be recorded on the CSC website, www.hphscsc.org, within 60 days after the completion of the project or activity in order to receive credit”. The website is coded to detect the current date and the date of service that is being entered into the system. Please remember that the FIRST or BEGINNING date of service (if the service is over a period longer than a day and less than a month) CANNOT be more than 60 days ago.  No exceptions to this rule will be made.
Incomplete Contact InformationThe main reason for rejection is the student's failure to include complete contact information—name, telephone number, and email of the organizational contact representing the agency where service was provided. If rejected, this should be included and the entry re-submitted.
Ineligible OrganizationAccording to the Kiltie, “Volunteer work must be with an approved non-profit agency and must benefit those in need. Approved non-profit agencies will include, but are not limited to, hospitals, social service agencies, fundraising organizations for health causes, and fundraising organizations for low income schools”.  Some organizations do not meet HPISD service hour guidelines for creditable community service. If you are questioning the eligibility of the organization with which you are thinking of volunteering, please contact the CSC sponsors for prior approval. 
Incorrect Hour CalculationAccording to the Kiltie, “When calculating the creditable community service hours for an activity, students should not count meeting times (this includes Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, NCL, and YMSL meetings, unless service was actively done at the meeting), shopping, cooking, sleeping, travel (students cannot get credit for travel time for mission trips), planning (students are not awarded service hours for planning of a project rather they are awarded credit for the performance of the service project) or free time, but they may count any time spent publicizing the activity (this includes soliciting donors for projects and writing thank you letters), including stuffing envelopes, hanging flyers, and similar tasks”.  If the CSC sponsors has questions as the validity of the total number of hours submitted and the entry is rejected, you should re-examine the total number submitted and either remove those ineligible hours, provide a better description about what specifically was done during the time submitted, or provide documentation from a member of the qualifying service agency and then resubmit. 
Incomplete Service ExplanationMake sure that service hour entries clearly define the service that was provided and to whom. An entry such as "Bingo" or "raked leaves" will be rejected because of its ambiguity. The sponsors cannot verify that these entries fulfill the requirements for service hour credit as prescribed by HPISD policy.