Founded in 1991, the Community Service Council serves as the foundation of Highland Park High School's service activities, organizing several school-wide service projects each year and keeping track of students' service hours required for graduation.


The majority of our funding comes from an annual grant from La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas.


We have an active Facebook page, as well as a Remind101 texting system set up. Text @hpcsc to 81010 to get signed up!

The HP CSC Sponsor for 2017-2018 is Lynne Kujawa and Brett John, and you can contact them at kujawal@hpisd.org and johnb@hpisd.org.


Please do not email the sponsor if your service hours have been denied until after you see what the reason for rejection was. Email hpcscsecretary@gmail.com with any questions beforehand. 


See below for a description of each officer position:


President of CSC- Braden Munn

  • Oversee all events of and meetings for CSC
  • Meet with Sponsor every Thursday during lunch. Keep in constant communication with sponsors throughout the year  
  • Arrange officer meetings 
  • Make/Present meeting Power Points 
  • Assist other officers with fulfilling duties, including communication of duties and ongoing tasks 
  • Help acquaint freshmen to use of  x2vol during Fish Camp 
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Take photographs at all events
  • Upload them on Google Drive 
  • Give a copy to technology and PR within one week of the event 
  • Attend the Spring 8th Grade Information night 
  • Organize officer photo and submit to the Yearbook, Clan and possibly Scots Illustrated
  • Attend monthly PTA meetings 
  • Write a quality summary of events for La Fiesta Application 

Technology Chair (Sarah Orsak) and Assistant (Lizzy Brimmage)- 

  • Manage the website and advance the technology of the Council 
  • Manage the pictures on the website and calendar of events, post PowerPoint from meeting, etc.
  • Update Google Docs with list of officers’ contact information
  • Help freshmen log into x2vol during Fish Camp 
  • Maintain binder and records of activities 
  • Communicate with Sponsors 
  • Maintain Social Media sites and communications reminders, including:
  • Facebook 
  • “Remind 101” messages before all events and meetings
  • Emails to members 

Drives Chair (Kara Johansen & Miya Malouf) 

  • Coordinate, plan, and organize: 
  • Car Wash (Fall)
  • Turkey Drive (Fall)
  • Angel Tree Drive (Fall), including donation transportation to the Salvation Army 
  • Blood Drive (Spring)
  • Guatemala Healing Hands Drive (spring)
  • Maintain Binder and records of activities
  • Communicate with sponsors 

Senior Hours Chair (Maddie Fagan & Marisa Whitaker) 

  • Email Seniors reminding/providing hours and invite seniors in need of hours, to volunteer opportunities throughout the year 
  • Maintain records of senior hours 
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s) 
  • Spring semester - weekly email reminders sent to seniors regarding hours
  • Complete senior letters every 2 months to be delivered to seniors who have not met their hour requirement 

Public Relations (PR) (Anna Chung) and Assistant (Marisa Whitaker)- 

  • Create and post fliers and submit announcement (PA, TV, and Scots Weekly) before and after events 
  • Correspond with district PR Chair Jacki Moran for inclusion of events in district emails 
  • Inform CSC membership of CSC events. Maintain an up-to-date CSC display.
  • Decorate and post CSC events in CSC display case 
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)

MADD Chair (Kelly Palmer & Sarah Reedy) - 

  • Plan, organize and coordinate Fall and Spring MADD events 
  • Contact organization 
  • Plan for and purchase supplies needed 
  • Complete purchase order for items bought 
  • Organize sign up 
  • Delegate tasks and divide/assign jobs for the event
  • Communicate with CSC committees as needed 
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)

Meeting Director (Will Roberts)- 

  • Contact and recruit speakers for each meeting 
  • Meet, host, and introduce invited speakers during each monthly meeting 
  • Plan and communicate mini-service project for each meeting 
  • Communicate speaker and mini service project to PR, technology chair, president 
  • Post meeting info (including speaker name and bio, and mini-service project) in the Google drive
  • Transport donations to organization if speaker is unavailable to transport
  • Maintain current CSC mailing list by deleting old members (graduated seniors) and adding new member’s information to contacts and mailing list 
  • Update and maintain member information on Google drive 
  • Track attendance for CSC meeting and events on Google drive 
  • Print attendance sheet and bring to meetings 
  • Mandatory attendance at club fair 
  • Update membership information from Organization Fair to drive 
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)

Officer Assistants(Mary Margaret Mencke & Kyle Walters)- 

  • Sell CSC shirts and host sign-up during the lunch period in the cafeteria prior to every event
  • Fulfill the role of other chair(s) if they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities
  • Help freshmen log into x2vol during Fish Camp 
  • Handwrite thank you notes to donors 
  • Clean and organize CSC closet 
  • Maintain Binder and record of activities 
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)


Upholding Highland Park High School's credo of
"Enter to learn, go forth to serve"

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